The new Arena of Valor will hit Android and iOS this coming August 10


Currently, almost any device, although not specifically designed for it, is able to move any heavy game that we find in the Google application store.

And if you like to play with your phone, the fan you have before you in the Play Store is almost inabarcable. Soon, it will be even bigger, since the launch of the new Arena of Valor is closer than ever. We tell you all about the new game of Proxima Beta, a division of Tencent Games.

After its successful launch in Thailand and North Korea among others, the game officially arrives in Europe thought to climb positions and quickly position among the games of this genre more downloaded from the platform.

This multiplayer online game, very similar to the PC (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) MOBA, is thought to have a really comfortable gameplay on small screens such as smartphones. Of course, do not think that for that we are going to sacrifice other aspects, as both the graphics and the soundtrack itself live up to the best of Google Play.

Entering a little more in the dynamics of the game, we will be able to customize our character with different objects and accessories that we will find throughout the games, besides being able to meet other players and join forces to be even more powerful. We have a voice chat in real time, so coordination with our battle partners will be immediate.

In addition, the people of Proxima Beta ensures that the game is designed for short periods of time, as the games usually last about 10 minutes or so. Arena of Valor seems therefore ideal for when we go on public transport or we are taking a break.

The game will be available for download from August 10, for both iOS and Android, although you can register and receive a notice that day. If you are interested, we will leave you a direct link below. You can also visit their official Facebook page for more information.

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