Discover the 4 new Cards of Clash Royale and its 3 new game modes


After the Clash of Clans super update, Supercell has returned to work with Clash Royale, his last game that has been so successful since the first day of its release.

As a result, we already have here the first sneak peeks of the next great update of the game, an update that will bring us no more or less than 3 more slots to create decks, 4 new troops and 3 new game modes.

3 more spaces for decks in Clash Royale

The first novelty we see is the incorporation of 3 more spaces for our decks, ie instead of 3 slots, we will have up to 5. In this way, we can have a pair to raise trophies, another for tournaments, a quarter for battles Of clans, etc.


The 4 new cards of Clash Royale

  • Mega Knight: is a legendary card with cost 7 of elixir. According to his data, it is a “tank” that jumps of terrestrial troops to terrestrial troops doing considerable damage.
  • Cannon Cart: from the world of Clash Royale we arrive the Cannon Cart, an epic letter of 5 of elixir. As its name indicates, it is a movable barrel that when losing its shield will become static.
  • Flying Machine: Thirdly we have a special 4-barrel Elixir card with a cannon inside, and it will be able to attack ground and air troops with a huge range, although it is somewhat fragile.
  • Skeleton balloons: Finally, Supercell presents us with a common cost 3 of elixir. This is something similar to the barrel of goblins, with the difference that when they explode all the balloons that support it, down to 8 skeletons. Ideal for distractions!

The 3 new game modes of Clash Royale

Although virtually nothing about them, Supercell has mentioned 3 new game modes:

  • Sudden death: it is played until the first tower falls with elixir x2
  • Triple elixir: is played with the elixir multiplied by 3
  • Battle of increase: we start with elixir x1, then we move to x2 and finally we end up with elixir x3.

You can read all the information the Clash Royale Cheats online generator available on the official website of Clash Royale, but it is not yet known when these news will arrive or what arena they will do. If you prefer, you can see the last changes of balance of the game. Tell me

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