Horizon Zero Dawn For PS4 Review

Horizon Zero Dawn

Human civilization has been forgotten, buried by a new and voracious wild nature, dominated by mechanical creatures of unknown origin. What remains of our species has been reorganized into tribes and live under the threat of a world that has dangerously altered their balances, breaking a romance consumed by a mysterious force called “corruption.” While in the metal belly lie hidden truths and the men retreated into a retrograde isolationism, a young woman, Aloy, struggle to survive against marginalization and bringing up their identity. Horizon Zero Dawn not only tells the story of a new heroine unshakable determination and strength, but tells of the great themes that determine the wickedness of man and his opposite imponderable limits, and does it in a science fiction, while there is It shows the beauty of a lost world that has lost its certainties and has adapted to an apocalyptic cataclysm legatosi superior to the will of Mother Earth.

Although the prologue starts a bit ‘on the sly, presenting the early stages of growth of Aloy and its tribulations derived from marginalization by his tribe, after a few hours Horizon stands literally flying, opening up to the player and presenting a world vast game, full of views that take your breath away and full of activities to be accomplished. Structured around a main substantial history, compelling and rare moments of tired, Horizon also has several secondary and other optional missions. Those secondary always manage to be interesting because they focus on many aspects related to the environment of the game and the tribes that inhabit it, deepening certain themes and stories are played during the main adventure.

Optional missions instead allow you to really discover all of Horizon , and although there are some quests unimportant as deliveries or other minor, there is always an incentive for they can be at the end, reflecting the fact that the developers have never really He succumbed to unnecessary fillers, but on the contrary gave body and identity to a great depth project.

Consider, for example to Calderoni, deep robotic foundries structured mo ‘dungeon, which conceal within them a core able to learn the override to be used on different types of machines. This function can inhibit opponents and, if possible, ride them to cover distances in less time. Alternatively, you can use campfire present generously over the entire map but only through the use of special kits. These, together with other objects relevant to the transaction with the merchant and to the construction of larger arrows and bags, constitute booties obtainable from defeated enemies, while the rest of the materials can be found along the areas of the game (such as animal skins, the branches or medicinal plants) are in fact the central core of crafting.

In this regard, the activity linked to crafting is never cumbersome and never becomes tedious, especially because it is dry and is limited to a few elements of interest, therefore, you will end up accumulating materials only when it is strictly necessary. That said, to get the best equipment or special runes to strengthen weapons and clothes, is a must address some specific types of robotic beasts, some of which require a bit of strategy more than usual for it to be torn down without too many problems.

In your rescue will be classic weapons like the bow and other less conventional like a spear traps, which momentarily ensnares enemies and limited range and power of their attacks. The ammunition and arrows, moreover, are of different types and can inflict elemental, fundamental damage to exploit the congenital weakness of the toughest enemies. At guns for ranged attacks, offering a wide range of solutions, it alternates the spear, which has a weak and a strong attack. The clashes mêlée , both for the slowness with which they are performed, both for the scarce alternatives that offer, are all in all those that convince less and which represent the weakest element of a well-made combat system and very varied.

A success is rather the mix of RPG elements in an action game structure and open world: the way they bind to the immediacy of the controls, creating a strategic dimension that works and has a weight in the economy raised of the clashes, he gives Horizon Zero Dawn its own precise shape, which makes the pair with the distinctive features of each creature, characterized by strengths, weaknesses and uniqueness. Especially during the boss fight you will be forced to accanirvi on certain robotic parts, which may detach from the body of the animals and be used as devastating weapons able to overturn the fate of the clash; or tending traps or piazzarne some very close, to have moments of breath and regroup quickly.

There is also a character growth system through experience and skills, with the latter enclosed in a menu page ideally divided into three main categories, which determine the inclination of your playing style. Besides launching more arrows at a time, for example, you can slow down time for a few seconds to take better aim, increase the harvest loot, hit with more power and get as a number of facilities that will be of enormous help against the beasts dangerous, very careful and at higher difficulty almost relentless. Rather different story for human enemies, who show little convincing behavioral routines and sometimes really deficient. You’ll know during missions inside the bandit camps, far too elementary, and when you are attacked en masse by soldiers, witnessing all their inconsistency. Start difficult level is therefore recommended, but should you not be at home, you can change difficulty at any time.

Superb is instead the characterization of the game world, the tribes, the creatures and all that surrounds you. Even during the less relevant dialogues you will be caught by the magnetism of the story, by plain clothes or the most prominent vestments of personality gifts, as you will be interested to text files, to voice those and everything that revolves around an organic game world incredibly cohesive, multifaceted and do not feel the weight of dilated times that are typical of an open world. Certainly no shortage of some problems with the cold and out of sync with the characters’ expressions, and must also reported a quality of dubbing in Italian good but less than the original.

Horizon Zero Dawn is left contemplating and discover quietly, feeds you with its buried secrets, he always entertains with the right rhythms and gives you magnificent pristine wilderness snapshots. We do a disservice to anyone saying that the work of Guerrilla is one of the best open world ever conceived, and at the same time an overwhelming demonstration of skill on the part of the Dutch developer, who has really reached a new artistic maturity. The way areas, such as day / night cycle and dynamic weather of colors paint the rooms, the perfect harmony between the creatures and their habitat and cultural differences of the tribes contribute sharply are organized to create a world where nothing is left to chance.

Even more incredible is how the Tenth Engine able to run it without hesitation everything on a standard PS4 (consoles when we tried the game), demonstrating that the technical limitations are made to be overcome thanks to an optimization slap, that does not sacrifice frame rate in spite of the resolution. But it does not miss some bug that occurs in the connection between one scene and another, or some textures that late charge, and there also were glitches, some of which are also significant, such as the one that occurred close to the end when after thirty hours of abundant risked having to start the game again. The advice is to save often and contravening the misfortunes of the case, waiting a few oversights systems patch that in such a big world, in fact, can happen.

Evocative also the music, with a main theme of great emotional impact and a soundtrack that alternates flutes, tribal melodies and stresses effectively the most important moments of the adventure. Adventure that will keep you engaged even after the end, thanks to various activities and missions that will take away some fifteen hours more. Horizon Zero is a candidate, then as one of the most important works of this year, a large-scale project that has been able to fish with intelligence from other giants, incorporating in it the most successful elements and mixing them with other unpublished, giving rise to one of the most successful products of this generation.

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