Deus Ex GO For iPhone Review

Deus Ex GO

Square Enix Montreal tries again: so, after the success of the excellent Hitman Go and Lara Croft Go , this time it’s the turn of the unmistakable Adam Jensen, who embarks on a new adventure all reasoning and strategy, being the hero of Deus Ex Go . It continues the project of Square Enix, who also wants to bring on Mobile its major brands – a job that, until now, with the series Go has definitely succeeded. But Deus Ex Go is able to take up the legacy of the mobile counterparts of 47 and Lara?

Just like in those two games, including Deus Ex Go offers mechanical puzzles, doing cross a little ‘stealth dynamics Hitman Go and care for the environment Lara Croft Go. So here you will find yourself, by tapping on the display, to bring Adam to move step by step, selecting the individual points which move in the lattice of the map, headed to the level exit to proceed to the next. Pity that, along your route, in incapperete enemies piantonano areas, others running patrols moving one step per turn, and even some bipedal robots and machine gun turrets. The risk, then, is once again the craft of Adam, who will also have to contend with the fact that, in the case came in sight of an enemy soldier (ie in a straight line in front of him), it would activate the enhancement Titan, becoming invulnerable to any attempt to counterattack. It pays, then, the stealth approach, especially as by moving behind the opponents you can attack them to remove them from the map and then ease your path.

To arrive at the solution of the puzzles scattered throughout the 57 levels that make up the campaign will also find some power ups like invisibility for two rounds or by hacking away. While the function of the first is quite obvious, the second ability allows you to rotate the platforms changing the locations of enemies, to turn friendly fire on the turrets or enable / disable some icons on the map. You then need to carefully plan your route – it end up in the mouth of the enemy and have to start from the beginning of the stage.

Overall, the puzzles are challenging but mostly satisfactory, though the fact that the game introduces new mechanics without explaining in any way, from time to time, could leave you disoriented and create unforeseen difficulties, ending up with force you to some trial and error . You will then have to be careful about all the details on the screen in order to fully understand not only the behavior of the enemies, but also that of the layer. Essentially, however, the level design is great – as has become a trademark for the series Go – even though each stage has only a single challenge, or get to the exit with the fewest possible moves. In Hitman Go , for example, we had rather enjoyed the presence of multiple objectives, which inclined to get back on the old levels to be able to complete them all. Deus Ex Go is therefore less replayable, although he has his quiver two arrows important that we expose you immediately.

From week to week, in fact, always five new levels live launch developers, who will remain in place only for the seven days provided. You can then launch yourself in the completion of the challenge only in the fixed period, as the following week will be introduced to other completely new stages that will replace them. Alongside this mechanic trying to retain the user with levels even more complex than those of the country, it is expected to arrive in the future also the editor of levels that we had talked about last May Jean-François Dugas, director of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Unlike the aforementioned Hitman Go , also point out that Deus Ex Go , as is traditional for the series, tries to propose also a narrative, although it must be said that the plot – despite consistent in style with the main saga – not it is certainly memorable. We found consistent with the imagery of the series Deus Ex also the artistic direction of the game, leaning on Unity Engine, offers a graphic based on geometric shapes and very pleasant. Since the launch in a few days from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided , Square Enix has also wanted to unite in effect the two games, allowing you to gain points for your Praxis kits (and therefore for your upgrades) by importing the progress on the mobile title on that console.

Finally, we, although it is not new to the series Go , that Deus Ex Go presents microtransactions, once reserved for the purchase of step by step solutions for different levels. With 1,99 € buy the solution for two stages, with 3,99 € to twelve stages and 7,99 € to thirty-six stage – that is, to more than half of the game. Their purchase is completely optional and not ignore them in any way compromises the gaming experience, although occasionally the lack of clarity in the introduction of new mechanics could entice some users to point directly to the step by step solution for a fee.

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